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Dark Spots on Shirt Collars

THE PROBLEM. The collar points, or tips, have small dark spots.

WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. The collar points are stained with a darker color on colored shirts and yellow or grey on lighter colored shirts.

WHAT CAUSED THIS STAIN? An adhesive is applied to the fabric and the interfacing, during manufacturing, to stabilize and shape the point of the collar. In some cases the adhesive turns soft when pressed with high heat and pressure. This is caused by too much adhesive being used to bond the fabric. The adhesive bleeds through the fabric causing the stain.

CAN THIS BE PREVENTED? When the correct types and amounts of adhesive are used during manufacturing, and are heat set correctly, this should not be a problem. The manufacturer can prevent this staining by using proper and compatible fabrics and adhesives.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? The shirt launderers cannot prededermine or prevent this type of stain damage to shirt collars. Only the manufacturer can prevent this.

CAN THE STAIN BE REMOVED? No, once the adhesive melts onto the outer fabric it cannot be completely removed.

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