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December 2013 Newsletter

Considering Cleanability when Shopping Online










Considering Cleanability when Shopping Online

Today’s busy lifestyles leave families less time to shop, especially during the hectic holiday season. If you’re tired of shopping in crowded malls for that perfect gift, catalog shopping may be for you. Online shopping is convenient, and you can shop from anywhere.

Tips to help you find that perfect gift:

Holiday sweaters, sweatshirts, and blouses with decorative trim, appliquès, buttons, or sequins can be festive gifts for ringing in the new year, but may be difficult to clean. Be sure to inquire about or read the care label and consult your professional drycleaner, as some trim may not be drycleanable. Both silk and rayon garments hold up well to dry cleaning. Pastels, rather than dark or multi-colored fabrics, have a greater degree of colorfastness.

A simple velvet or velour dress or pants outfit can be a real hit as a gift to wear at an upcoming New Year’s party. Velvet is usually made of rayon, acetate, silk, or a blend of these fibers; velour looks like velvet but is usually made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. Outerwear and recreational equipment can be unique presents, but also require special care. Outerwear can be either dry cleanable or washable, depending on the fiber content of the shell fabric and lining and the application of special coatings for warmth and water repellancy.

If you have any questions about how to care for one of these gifts, consult your professional drycleaner. Before ordering your holiday gifts by mail, ask the customer service person about the company’s return policy.

Can you return the item if you have a problem with cleaning, even after following the care label instructions? Most large online stores guarantee their merchandise and have liberal return policies. In some cases the shipping costs can add up to more than you’d care to pay.

Fabric Glossary: Chintz

This term is used for a large group of brightly printed or solid colored, shiny cotton fabrics. They have a glazed finish. There are two methods for producing a glazed finish. One method is nondurable and the fabric is treated with a wax or starch finish and then pressed between heated rollers to produce a high luster. A more durable finish is created by treating the fabric with a resin that produces a high luster.

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